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Welcome To Kentucky Chicken's an more

Hello, Kentucky Chickens is a small family owned farm breeding the finest quality chickens, and show birds in KY.

We are doing our best to bring  the finest Quality Chickens and Eggs to you in KY.

Be it Show Q, or Laying Q, or Eating Q, or Pet Q,  We hatch out our own chicks from our own stock, We do not get eggs from other farms.

We are NPIP cert. and are tested every year, to asure you that we are selling the best Quality that your money can get!

All our chickens are free ranged and fead high protein diets for rich tasting eggs, a good hatch or eating and it keeps them fine looking and very healthy  We hope you injoy looking on our website, and look forward to helping you find what your looking for.. We also carry a small slection of poultry goods for the small farmer.. And Farm Fresh Eggs, pick up at the farm... Thanks KCs



Whats in this site

In this site you will find Pics of Chicks, Breeders, Hens, People at Kentucky Chickens, The Farm, and Equimpment that we use. You will also see what we have hatched out and what we are about to hatch out, What is coming the next year, and what we are not going to carry anymore.

You will get info on raising chickens and Equimpment to use, as well as Pricing. We take CashMoney Orders, and Swaps..

We also have a FOR SALE list, Stuff people have for sale with contact info.Email us your for sale add and we will post it for 1 month, Check it out.

You can get ordering info and contact info in this site. We do ship by USPS and pick up at the farm is FREE.


List of breeds we carry

 Buff Orpington,  white Leghorns, Golden Comets, RIR Red's,  MEAT BIRDS,  and much more.. also Eggs for eating or hatching. Call or Email for pricing and in stock.

Notifying Visitors of Site Changes

This site changes each month, so keep checking back to see whats new.

 Email Kentuckys Chickens  for more info.

Comment of the Month!

Let God take the Wheel!

Yes we support the right to game, "BUT" COCK'S ARE SOLD FOR BREEDING ONLY! (not for illegale activity's) "Make a stand and VOTE"

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